Let’s Talk About Clermont: A City In Lack County, Florida

Clermont is a fast-growing city in central Florida. It is conveniently located just north of Walt Disney World Resort and west of Orlando. It was incorporated in the year 1916 but was founded in 1884. Due to its great assets and amenities, the city is an attractive place for new businesses, property developers, educational establishments, families and those invested in the fitness industry. It is very much open for business and welcoming to families looking to relocate and start a new life in a new state. The local population is said to be around 33,549 based on the last official estimate that took place in 2016.

Clermont is a prime location for those looking to move to central Florida as it offers a very high quality of life. There are ample fitness facilities, a range of local stores and a large shopping center. There are also a range of waterfront activities that are popular with local residents and visiting tourists alike. There are housing options suitable for a wide range of income levels including large estate homes, small single-family units, gated communities with golf courses and more. The culture and community of the people in Clermont are proud of their dedication to inclusiveness and the promotion of diversity. The unemployment rate is just over 10%.

Perhaps one of the most popular attractions in the are is the 10-mile Clay Loop. Local residents and Olympians alike enjoy running on this traffic-free clay road with the backdrop of scenic rolling hills. It provides a great soft surface for those who are into long distance running.

Some famous people from Clermont who you might have heard about are Dale Barnstable, Randy Pedersen, Ryan Dungey, Kate DiCamillo, Marvin Musquin, and Shane Greene. Randy Pedersen is a PBA Tour bowler and bowling announcer. Dale Barnstable is a retired basketball player and Kate DiCamillo is a children’s book author. Dungey is a motocross racer and Shane Greene is a professional baseball player. Marvin Musquin was born in France in 1989 and he is known for professional motocross racing.

Downtown Clermont

The historic downtown district of the city is located between Lake Minneola (south shore) and SR50. The area has not changed much since the 1960s and it is home to a selection of restaurants, retail shops, and business. It is also the home of Clermont City Hall.